International Students

As an ESL teacher, I can tell you that the students who learn English the quickest are the ones who live in homestays. Living in a homestay gives the students the chance to practice what they learn in class in a real-life setting. It also gives them a window into the American way of life. You should not pass up this opportunity. Fia Parker can help you find a homestay that is right for you; a place where you can feel at home, make friends and really learn English. She has helped thousands of students and she can help you.

Anrisa Fannin, ESL Instructor
International Education Center at Diablo Valley College (IEC@DVC)

Girl-with-hatLiving with an English speaking host family is the smartest and safest choice for students studying abroad in the United States. Sharing a home with a local host family is the best way to personally experience living in a different country – all within a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. Additionally, students who choose to live in a homestay improve their listening, speaking, and comphrehension skills, much quicker than students who don’t live in a homestay.

The benefits of living in a homestay are enormous for an international student striving to achieve his or her academic goals in the United States. Our host families are excited to welcome international students in to their homes and lives, and to support and encourage them throughout their time in the United States. In order to fully benefit from this one of a kind experience, you should be willing to participate in daily activities with your host family. The key to having a good homestay experience is to keep an open mind. This means that you must be flexible, willing to try new things, and willing to communicate with your host family. The more interested and enthusiastic your are, the more you will learn about your host family and life in America.

Students Page Image for Host FamiliesOur Host Families

All Diablo Valley Homestay host families have gone through a screening process before being accepted in to our housing registry, and all of our host families have expressed a strong interest in sharing American culture with an international student.  We encourage you to be open to experiencing our country’s diversity and learning more about it from your host family. Our housing registry reflects the great diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, and therefore, your host may be a single adult without children, a single parent with children, a couple with or without children, or a retired person/couple. The host may be European, Asian, African, Hispanic, or mixed ancestry, and may or may not practice a religion. There may also be a pet in the home, as most American families have pets.

Homestay Application Process

To apply for a homestay placement, please download the appropriate Homestay Application for the school that you will attend when you first arrive in the United States. Make sure to answer EVERY question on the application.

Important: Submitting an incomplete application will result in a delay with processing your application.

The Homestay Application must be submitted, along with the required homestay placement fee. Payment and mailing information is included on the application. Your placement with a host family will be secured when all of the required items have been received.

If your school of choice is not listed here, please email us.

For more information about short term housing for visiting interns or working professionals, please email us or contact us at (925) 876-0080.